Rates for aerial advertising campaigns are customized, based on client’s needs. Some of the variables that affect cost include:

  • Length of flight (measured in distance or time)
  • Number of flights or passes or hours per day
  • Weekday versus weekend flights (primarily related to beach flights)
  • Consistency of flights over given period of time
  • General Market Coverage – An hourly rate is provided based on the makeup of your campaign. Hourly rates will range on average from $400-$600+ per hour.
  • Events/Venues – Typically 1 – 3 hours of exposure are provided per client. Rates will range on average from $500 – $3000 per flight depending on duration of flight, campaign size, demand and availability.
  • Beaches – Massive audiences can be targeted for as little as $2600 per day or as low as $180 per flight depending on location.

Give us a call to plan your next campaign. We would be happy to provide you with a custom proposal.

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